how it all started

During a backpacking trip to South America, I explored the idea of making a portable snack that would be delicious to even the most discerning palate, nutritious, and safe for vegans, celiacs, and peanut-allergy sufferers. I wanted an allergy-free, GMO-free food bar that provides sustainable energy, stable blood sugar, and increased stamina. As an executive chef, owner of an organic soup company, and avid adventurer, my taste buds and performance needs were always disappointed by other bars on the market. When I returned home to Portland, I developed The Better Bar.

The Better Bar combines the culinary skill of a professional chef with organic, antioxidant-rich, exotic flavors and raw-pressed, gluten-free ingredients, free of the 8 major allergens.

We are passionate about making portable superfood snacks for the whole family. From toddlers and hikers to travelers and athletes, everyone deserves a safe and delectable, healthy treat. Eat well, perform better.

Brody J. Durant
Founder, The Better Bar

proudly made in portland, oregon